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We offer engaging professional development sessions for digital and traditional marketing, networking and business development.

Our training sessions will be customized to suit your business and focus on the channels and tools you can put to work for you and your businesses’ success

COVID-19 Update

In an effort to support social distancing, all classes are currently offered via Zoom. This platform offers interactivity from the safety of our own homes and businesses. You can learn more about it here: Worksheet files (where applicable) will be provided to participants in advance of each session via Google Drive.

Training and Development Series

Marketing Planning: Know Your Audience

In this session you’ll learn the behaviours and characteristics of your customer and how this information fuels your marketing decisions. We’ll be teaching you how to make your buying decisions, create your content and strategies based on your customer needs. Our training teaches you how to set measurable goals and identifies the metrics needed to properly measure your results.

  • Confirming your Target Audiences and Ideal Customers: (Includes 20 minute practical exercise)
  • Reaching your Targets
  • Marketing Goals & Objectives: (Includes 20 minute practical exercise)

Media Planning in a Digital Age

Planning your advertising budget strategically has never been more crucial, or more difficult than now. Digital advertising has increased dramatically, but  how much should be invested and how? Our training answers your questions and teaches you how to use the tools to measure your efforts effectively.

  • Target Market: Demographics and Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Budget: How to Budget Effectively
  • Digital Media: SEO and SEM
  • Traditional Media : Habits and Loyalties
  • Community and Charitable Marketing: Giving Back and Setting Expectations
  • Measurement and Reporting: Better Targeting = Better Measurement

Successful Networking

Whether you have a track record for sales or are just starting out building revenue as an entrepreneur, it all begins with building your network. Getting to know people that can support you and your business in various ways is a key to success. Your network can be your customers, your colleagues, your suppliers, your supporters and your friends. This training session is about teaching you to build your network and using it to achieve your business goals.

  • Business Networks: Types and Benefits
  • Building your Network: Goals and Motivations
  • Networking Events & Goals: Prepare for Success
  • Giving Back: Sponsorships and Contributions
    Networking Goals: Setting Goals and Budgets (includes 20-30 minute activity)
Newfoundland networking

Digital 101

Digital marketing is here to stay. You need to know how to level up and maintain a presence so you’ll be found and trusted online. This rapidly-evolving medium is ever-changing and learning it is never complete. We’ll teach you how your content can make connections, how updates keep people informed and interested. Digital advertising requires the same commitment, budget and strategic planning as any other medium – but this one can be strategically tracked to prove its effectiveness.

  • Your Digital Footprint: Web, Social, and Planning
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): What’s in the “back end” and why it matters
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Search Ads and Setting Strategic Goals
  • Display / Programmatic Advertising: Display Ads, Retargeting, and Geofencing
  • Measurement & Reporting: Setting and Measuring Analytical Goals

Social Media

Your Facebook audience is likely to see less than one percent of your content. It has never been more evident that having a social media presence to grow your business is no longer free and is changing rapidly. No more Like and Share contests?! What is Edgerank? Stories on Facebook? In this training session we’ll explore the primary social platforms, their users and some tips and tricks to use them more effectively for your business.

  • Social Media Overview
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Social Trends

Small Group or One-On-One Training

For more specific, customized training and assistance, Intuitive Media provides small group training sessions or one-on-one coaching for any of the topics we offer. Every topic offered will include an activity to immediately apply to your business.

These sessions can be offered in two ways:

  1. Small Group: Sessions can be offered for two or three participants who are interested in exploring a specific topic in more detail. This is ideal when multiple clients share an industry or style of business (i.e. all in tech, all selling online etc.).
  2. On-on-One: Sessions can be tailored specifically to the needs of the client. These can focus on either a single topic with activity goals, or general marketing Q&A related training. If general marketing is selected, the first 15 minutes will be used to determine at least one achievable session goal to ensure the clients’ expectations can be met. 

Topics to consider:

  • Defining your Target Audience
  • Networking for Success
  • Traditional Media Planning (review of local media options)
  • Building your Digital Footprint
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Fundamentals 
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Fundamentals
  • Social Media Overview 
  • Marketing Planning

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